About Us

The purpose of this site collect information about Swarm Intelligence and Biological System and how they are influencing our reality from tecnology to our style of life.

We are entrepreneurs and researchers of Natural Science exploring dynamics within complex biological systems to discover interconnection between biological system and human society.

We have been always fascinated from nature and the perfect way in which hundred of different organisms interact each other.

We believe there is a strong interconnection between biological systems and human society. If we open our eyes we can learn a new world of possibilities.

The question “CAN I SWARM?” aim to highlight the strong link between humans and their power to act like a single organism or to take advantage of the processes of these systems to improve their life.

In human society we are brought during our growth to divide the “human level” from a “natural level”, as if “human” could be considered something different from an organic organism.

This division spreads the insane idea that we have to control the natural system rather than cooperate with it. So we start to think that only men has answer for men and sometimes we become blind to any other possibility.